A 30-year-old man presents with a two-week history of pruritic papules and vesicles with purple crusts on his arms and trunk, as well as a low-grade fever.
The origins of chronic pain are complex and include both psychosocial and physiologic components. Physicians’ Diagnostics & Rehabilitation Clinics (PDR) takes an innovative approach to rehabilitation that incorporates tenets of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to address function and psychosocial barriers and ensure optimal patient outcomes.
From managing easily corrected conditions using evidence-based treatment to helping patients who have extremely complex deformities in need of extensive supportive services, the team at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare orthopedics program is equipped to handle a full range of spinal health concerns.
The Constellation team helps keep patients safe by making sure providers say the right things, at the right times, to the right people.
The University of Minnesota Health C.O.R.E. Clinic provides a structured approach designed to help patients with heart failure avoid hospitalization, live longer and enjoy a higher quality of life.
Midwest Fetal Care Center, a collaboration between Children’s Minnesota and Allina Health, recently completed its journey to become a comprehensive treatment destination for developing babies and their mothers with the addition of an advanced prenatal intervention: open fetal surgery (OFS).
The health and well-being of physicians rely on understanding the true causes of burnout and what health systems can do to help.
The Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) Vascular Care offers outpatient endovascular treatment alternatives and superior outcomes to patients facing critical limb ischemia (CLI) and other circulatory health concerns.
Divorce is a painful and emotional process for anyone. Whether it comes as a surprise or is the end result of years of marital unhappiness, a divorce can disrupt not only your personal life but your professional life as well. For the busy physician, the mechanics of the divorce process can wreak havoc on your practice. Suddenly, many important decisions have to be made, and meetings with lawyers, mediators and the court must be fit into an already demanding schedule. Nonetheless, everyone expects you to continue to be the calm, organized physician you have always been. If you find yourself heading toward a divorce, there are several key things that you should be aware of.
The Diabetes Education Enhancement Program (DEEP) is a collaborative care model, led by the Diabetes Coordinator (DC), to enhance the management of low-income, uninsured, primarily Spanish-speaking patients with type 2 diabetes in the St. Mary’s Health Clinics (SMHC). SMHC is a system of volunteer-staffed primary care free clinics serving low-income, uninsured persons in the seven-county metropolitan area. The DEEP program is designed to support the patient in his or her efforts to improve lifestyle management skills and compliance within the goals established by the care team (patient, primary care provider and DC) and to support the care team in its interaction and understanding of patients’ unique circumstances.
Woman With Red Itchy Bumps After Staying in Hotel
Treating a blistering laser burn with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in skin of color can be very challenging. There is no perfect protocol, so I will tell you how I successfully managed this case.
Marie Johnson, PhD, once believed she would spend the rest of her life working in the auto industry. That was before a tragedy occurred that would forever change her life — and, ultimately, save the lives of many patients with arterial blockages .
An 11-month-old infant presents with pruritic crusted papules and pustules on his feet. There is also hand and axilla involvement. A teenage cousin visiting for the summer has a similar rash. What is your diagnosis?
Years of research and clinical trials have yielded the Diagnose, Manage and Rehabilitate (DMR) Method, an innovative technique for treating back pain.
A 30-year-old man presents with an itchy rash on his wrists and ankles that he has experienced for four weeks. He is otherwise healthy. What’s your diagnosis?
“Sailing Ahead” is the theme of this year’s Minnesota Medical Group Management Association (MMGMA) 2016 Summer Conference scheduled for July 27–29 at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center.