No one plans a collision. Events could have taken a catastrophic turn when a Twin Cities mother driving to the store with her two young children crashed into a truck. Yet, this family was fortunate. They lived in a community offering one of the few combined Level I adult trauma and Level I pediatric trauma centers in the nation — at Regions Hospital and Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare (Gillette).
Leading the industry with technology, North Memorial is one of only two hospitals now offering prostate MRI due to its partnership with Minneapolis Radiology.
At Minneapolis Radiology, vascular surgeons offer a full spectrum of treatment options for peripheral artery disease (PAD).
HealthEast Care System’s Acute Pain Management program’s state-of-the-art protocols and approach to individualizing pain management have resulted in high patient satisfaction scores and unimpeachable standards of care.
Q: My daughter was born without two front teeth. Her dentist wants to make a removable partial, but we also don’t like the shape of her other front teeth. Is there a better option to address both the missing teeth and the aesthetics?
Q: My dad was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He has always taken pride in his smile, but now his teeth are decaying and breaking off. What is happening to his teeth?
Q: I have a patient who was diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma on the hard palate. He was told that surgical removal of the tumor will involve his hard palate and several teeth. How will he be able to speak, eat and swallow after the removal of this tumor?
Q: How does gastric reflux disease affect dental health?
Q: My primary patient population includes a large number of patients who have diabetes. How does this disease impact their oral health, and what recommendations can I make regarding their dental care?
Q: If a patient needs to have all his or her teeth removed due to advanced periodontal disease, is there a predictable treatment option for restoring these teeth other than conventional dentures?
Active physical therapy and patient-learned manual therapies such as those practiced at Physicians’ Diagnostics & Rehabilitation (PDR) Clinics prove very effective for long-term pain management.
Building upon a long tradition of providing high-quality, personalized risk management and patient safety services for its clients, MMIC has recently introduced a number of innovative training services aimed to identify and prevent potentially dangerous and costly situations.
You may associate electrophysiology (EP) testing with cardiac medicine. However, at Chu Vision Institute, EP testing helps providers diagnose and evaluate eye conditions.
For children living with cerebral palsy who require surgery due to deformities of the lower extremity, the Shriners Hospitals for Children — Twin Cities team offers leading-edge orthopedic care under the direction of Cary Mielke, MD, Chief of Staff.
New leadership, organizational structure, outreach connectivity, instrumentation and automation — from the big picture to the smallest detail, North Memorial’s Reference Laboratory Services is a case study in making healthcare connections faster, easier and more rewarding.
Next summer, Fairview Ridges Hospital in Burnsville will open its doors to the largest campus expansion in its history.
While psychiatric health care in many settings has become over-medicalized, at PrairieCare we recognize the critical role psychotherapeutic intervention plays in alleviating psychiatric pain and suffering, whether it is mild, moderate or severe in intensity.
The strength and flexibility of the spine is central to quality of life, but age, disease and degeneration take their toll. Nearly eight of every 10 people will experience back problems. Historically, back treatments have focused on controlling pain. Today, when conservative, nonoperative therapies fail, advances in spine surgery offer improved options not only to control pain but also to improve postoperative recovery and preserve patient mobility.
Hennepin Healthcare System Inc., more commonly referred to as Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC), has a special relationship with physicians across Minnesota. More than half of you spent time on our downtown Minneapolis campus, either as a medical student or as a resident in an HCMC program or a joint residency program with the University of Minnesota. Others have come to rely on us to provide trauma and other specialized care for your patients.
The first FDA-approved cervical disc prosthesis for two-level replacement provides a motion-preserving alternative to fusion surgery. Now, Summit Orthopedics has brought the specialized procedure to Vadnais Heights Surgery Center.