Case of the Month with Crutchfield Dermatology

Monday, February 18, 2019

A 30-year-old-man presents with a three-plus year history of painful, draining papules and nodules on his neck and chin that seem to get worse with shaving.

Diagnosis: Pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) with concomitant sycosis barbae

He clearly has PFB from the coiled and visible ingrown hairs, but he also has a concomitant (and secondary to the PFB) chronic bacterial infection, sycosis vulgaris. Sycosis vulgaris is a chronic skin infection on the chin or in the bearded area. Hair follicles deeply infected with a species of staphylococcus or propionibacterium bacteria typically cause the irritation. As a result, he has both pseudofolliculitis and true folliculitis.


I started him on topical anti-inflammatories (Elocon cream BID x 10 days), topical antibiotic (Bactroban BID x 10 days), oral antibiotics (Keflex 500 mg TID x 2 weeks), and explained my full anti-PFB program. I initially instructed he use an adjustable electric razor at a low setting and cultured one of the pus-draining nodules to focus my antibiotics treatment if the original antibiotics were not working. The bacterial culture came back positive for a moderate amount of staph, resistant only to sulfa antibiotics. I saw him back two and a half weeks into the treatment program and he was extremely happy and thankful after using the program described above.

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