Risk Management

To Minimize Risk, Take a Deep Dive into Data

The medical liability experts at MMIC describe how practices can reduce the risk of patient injury and malpractice claims by improving the diagnostic process and helping patients become engaged and confident in their relationships with their physician.

Physician Wellness: Understanding and Preventing Burnout

The health and well-being of physicians rely on understanding the true causes of burnout and what health systems can do to help.

MMIC Leverages Malpractice Claims Data to Improve Healthcare Delivery

Minneapolis-based medical liability insurance provider MMIC does more than write policies. With competencies in claims analytics, the company uses data-driven research, consultation and education to improve the provision of health care. The recent Surgical Claims Deep Dive project, for example, will help providers avoid litigation while enhancing patient safety.

Mitigating Clinician Stress

The proliferation of physician stress and burnout within the medical community warrants concern. With the inevitable stress that accompanies the holiday season, it’s even more important to recognize the signs of burnout and take steps to prevent it.

How an Insurer Becomes an Ally: Professional Liability Insurance with MMIC

When physicians are involved in a medical professional liability claim or lawsuit, MMIC’s multilayered, holistic approach provides extensive support while addressing physicians’ personal and professional needs.

Risk Versus Reward: Rethinking Risk Part II

Last month, we started discussing the concept of risk and defined “risk tolerance” as one’s attitude toward risk. This month, we’re going to expand our discussion of risk to include the concepts of “risk capacity” and “inflation.”

Protocols for Successful Pain Management

HealthEast Care System’s Acute Pain Management program’s state-of-the-art protocols and approach to individualizing pain management have resulted in high patient satisfaction scores and unimpeachable standards of care.

Partnering for Better Practice

Building upon a long tradition of providing high-quality, personalized risk management and patient safety services for its clients, MMIC has recently introduced a number of innovative training services aimed to identify and prevent potentially dangerous and costly situations.