From adolescent idiopathic scoliosis to more complex early onset cases, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare is equipped to meet the spine care needs of children and as they age into adulthood.
Minnesota Epilepsy Group’s expansive team of providers specializes in diagnosing and treating epilepsy and other seizure-related conditions.
The Heart Center team at University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital offers hope to parents of premature infants diagnosed with patent ductus arteriosus, thanks to its adoption of leading-edge devices and new minimally invasive procedures.
A patient presented with a four-year history of pruritic bumps on the back of his head and neck.
True to Twin Cities Spine Center’s more than 70-year history of advancing spine care, one of its spine surgeons recently became the first in the Twin Cities to use Mazor X, a robotic-assisted surgical system that combines preoperative planning and intraoperative guidance to help surgeons perform operations for individuals needing spinal instrumentation for fixation or stabilization.
Compassionate, evidence-based fertility services for all individuals and couples looking to conceive propels reproductive care forward at the Center for Reproductive Medicine.
University of Minnesota Health and Fairview Health Services specialists are pioneering the use of digital medicine in oncology, giving patients more control over the common oral chemotherapy process and their medical caregivers deeper insight into patients’ health and compliance with treatment — all for the sake of improving outcomes.
Nobody wants to hear they have cancer — not the teenager who expects to make the varsity softball team as a freshman, the PhD candidate preparing to defend his dissertation, the young physician who lives next door or the grandmother who lives down the street.
A 42-year-old woman presents with a progressively dry scalp for the past three years. She says the itching is so bad it can keep her awake at night and interferes with her job because she spends so much time scratching her head. Additionally, she reports being tremendously embarrassed to sit anywhere with dark seats.
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MNGI Digestive Health has built a practice that offers much more than procedures-focused care, with the long-term health and well-being of patients being the main priority across the practice’s many subspecialty clinics.
Tillges Certified Orthotic Prosthetic Inc. (TCOP) takes advantage of prepreg carbon fiber materials and 7-axis robotic carver technology at its sister central fabrication facility, Tillges Technologies, to quickly create custom orthotic and prosthetic devices that offer patients more stability, control and comfort.
Rich Ostlund brings years of experience in business, governance and championing community health care to his role as Chair of the Board of Directors at Fairview Health Services.
Diagnostic errors pose a significant threat to patient safety and can erode trust in providers, which may damage organizational reputations and hurt revenue. Medical practices and healthcare systems can prevent a leading cause of diagnostic errors — follow-up system failures — by adopting a team approach to the diagnostic process and optimizing workflows.
University of Minnesota Health multidisciplinary team of specialists and subspecialists works collaboratively to identify, prevent and address complications related to adult congenital heart disease.
A 30-year-old-man presents with a three-plus year history of painful, draining papules and nodules on his neck and chin that seem to get worse with shaving.
Driven by the shared vision of two new leaders with ambitious goals, longtime partners Fairview Health Services, the University of Minnesota and University of Minnesota Physicians have created M Health Fairview, a united care delivery system that combines the best of academic and community medicine throughout the state and supports the work of researchers aiming to shape the future.
Organizations may experience physician burnout without being able to see it, which can threaten their success and patient safety.
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The orthopedic team at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare collaborates with specialists and primary care providers to ensure children have access to the latest treatments and technologies for orthopedic conditions stemming from injuries, neuromuscular disorders and more.