Case of the Month with Crutchfield Dermatology

An 11-month-old infant presents with pruritic crusted papules and pustules on his feet. There is also hand and axilla involvement. A teenage cousin visiting for the summer has a similar rash. What is your diagnosis?

DMR Clinics: Groundbreaking Collaborative Spine Care

Years of research and clinical trials have yielded the Diagnose, Manage and Rehabilitate (DMR) Method, an innovative technique for treating back pain.

Case of the Month with Crutchfield Dermatology

A 30-year-old man presents with an itchy rash on his wrists and ankles that he has experienced for four weeks. He is otherwise healthy. What’s your diagnosis?

MMGMA Summer Conference Packed with Great Information

“Sailing Ahead” is the theme of this year’s Minnesota Medical Group Management Association (MMGMA) 2016 Summer Conference scheduled for July 27–29 at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center.

Understanding the Role of Social Security for High-income Earners

In my experience, I’ve found that physicians tend to realize the importance of investing for retirement and are good savers. As a result of such good habits and higher than average incomes, physicians also tend to have above average wealth. Even so, upon approaching retirement age, there are often questions about when to begin receiving Social Security benefits.